For the Film Lover in all of us

Filmwing is a hot production team working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We create films that are dark humored and alive. Edgy film works like Autumn Rose, and our newest release Anya, the dark tale of an artist's nightmare. We have a style that is unique yet true to the west coast tradition of culture, art and design.



First screened at the The Castro Theater June, 2011 - SF, CA

A Russian artist comes to San Francisco as a mail order bride to escape a repressive situation. Her tragic story unfolds in an emergency psych ward. Anya is based on a true story.

30 minutes


Mountain Thing
Currently In Production - Projected Release Fall 2013

Mountain Thing  is a dark humored and sensuous thriller. Dressed like Witches, Muses and Maids a gang of theatrical thieves hole-up in the Sierra Foothills after a botched robbery. A feral man known by legend as Mountain Thing stalks nearby.

A camp of unsuspecting Archaeologists, studying Ancient Native American Culture high in the mountains, is unaware of the impending nightmare. Everything is Alive.


Autumn Rose
First screened at The Castro Theater - October 10th, 2010 San Francisco, CA

Autumn Rose is a haunting film. A poetic, edgy, romantic ghost story. Terri's partner Sam comes back early from duty in Iraq. But she isn't herself. Nothing is as it seems.